Luxury Magazine Winter Issue - TAG TECSLATE™
Luxury Magazine Fall Issue 2017
The TAG TECSLATE™ once again, advertised in the Fall Issue of Luxury Magazine released September 1st. 

The TAG TECSLATEhas cutting-edge features that bring technology and innovation to a whole new level. The added features to the TAG TECSLATEdesign is what TAG Global Systems accomplished by way of extensive end-user research. The device is universal and custom to fit any setting to use in business, education, entertainment, communication, or any multimedia environment.

The TAG TECSLATEis designed for the ultimate multitasker as a must have device for events and conference/group rooms all over the world. It is compatible in all areas of business.

Discover more about the device, an all-in-one multi media device, computer, 10-touch (65” or 84” sizes) with multiple software capabilities such as, video conferencing, TECSLATE Pro interactive whiteboard, SplitView screen partitioning, digital signage, and tablet/laptop screen mirroring by contacting TAG at 800.630.4708 or