TAG GD3030

The TAG GD3030 is the latest 10.1″ IP65 Windows™ tablet equipped with new features and multi-functional inputs for stationary and mobile applications. Tested in undesirable situations, the TAG GD3030 has proven to be the tablet most durable and reliable for continued accurate use.

In-Flight Media – TAG Global Systems

TAG Global Systems pushes the boundaries of conventional thinking with the TAG TECSLATE™ 65-inch, 84-inch, and the TAG GD3030 10.1″ IP65 Windows™ tablet in their latest video. The video takes to the skies on American Airlines and Virgin American Airlines in the upcoming months.

TAG GD700 Rugged Tablet

The 7-inch tablet is designed to be a tool for any job needing dependable performance in the field of work. The advanced security options and the availability of numerous data collection options make it expandable.

TAG GD3015

The TAG GD3015 IP54 tablet provides the modularity and performance required by the mobile workforce, regardless of location or terrain. Without affecting performance, it can withstand drops, spills, and bumps in the warehouse or on the road.

TAG TECSLATE™ – COTY 2016 Robb Report

This is TAG Global Systems first year at Car of the Year 2016 competition with Robb Report. The TAG TECSLATE™ 84” featured an informational 3D presentation of each car, created by PresentiGo.  The TAG TECSLATE™ 65” was used for judging the cars, and displaying real time GPS tracking provided by US Fleet Tracking. TAG Global Systems also provided camera systems for each of the cars at the event. The TAG TECSLATE™ is selected as one of the most exceptional products in the technology market around the globe.

TAG TECSLATE™ – Setup & Assembly

Video instructions on how to assemble the stand and setup of the TAG TECSLATE™ .