Encrypting Mobile Transmitted Data

Message from Dov – Q2, 2019 Issue

Message from Dov

Most people today think about security as access to their device.  They use techniques like fingerprint readers, facial recognition, and passcodes to authenticate access to their sensitive data and personal information.

But who in IT is working to encrypt your TRANSMITTED data?

Sensitive data transmitted between devices should be encrypted. Consumer smartphones and tablets are all not doing this today. Digital communications interception is on the rise and the tools to intercept voice,text, and files are readily available. Corporations, attorneys, healthcare, and law enforcement are just a few examples where encryption is a must-have.

Enterprises require control over how their communications are used. There are management tools over multiple platforms today that will ensure that your information and its intended target are used properly.

Stay tuned as I work closely with software and hardware manufacturers to deliver a circle of trust environment that you can count on to secure your transmitted data.

Dov Koplovsky, Owner & CEO

TAG Global Systems

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