Robb Report October Issue 2017: The TAG TECSLATE™
Integrate Luxuriously – Imagination Becomes Reality in the Luxe Lifestyle
The TAG TECSLATE™  appears in Robb Report’s October Issue 2017: The Bespoke List. In our continued advertising alliance, Robb Report enlightens their audience to the many advanced technological features the TAG TECSLATE™ brings to the luxe lifestyle. “The partnership has created new audiences that have led to business leaders who must have the advance tech product.” – said Dov Koplovsky, Owner, and CEO of TAG Global Systems.

The technology powering presentation and collaboration is finally catching up with the spirit of luxury. For too long professional audiences have been confined to boardrooms or presentation halls in order to be subjected to death by PowerPoint.

The TAG TECSLATE™ is redefining that experience by letting your imagination become reality.

Imagine cruising in a private aircraft at 40,000 feet while courting new business associates with the latest in innovation; or yachting over crystalline seas while delivering a cutting-edge proposal on the top deck. The TAG TECSLATE™ makes these daydreams real, and much more.

Much more than just an extremely large tablet, the TAG TECSLATE™ features a 65” and 84” interactive touchscreen that makes information come to life, anywhere. Unlike conventional projectors or monitors, it is fully integrated with an on-board WiFi-enabled PC running the latest Microsoft Windows™ Operating System, so merging with the luxe life is seamless.

With this device, there’s no worry of running into technical difficulties. Whether it’s navigating between images and video, scrolling through specs, or running 3-D simulations, the TAG TECSLATE™ makes it fast and easy. Move effortlessly between computer capabilities, a brilliant 4K Digital LCD TV, and interactive TECSLATE Pro whiteboard software. Such versatility ensures that upscale and grand surroundings remain technologically uncluttered.

Not only is this the most intuitive piece of technology for the presenter’s toolkit, it’s also the most functional. The TAG TECSLATE™ comes standard with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® capability, Blu-ray/DVD player, a high-definition camera, a keyboard, a stylus set, a wall mount, and a comprehensive remote. The ability to adapt makes the TAG TECSLATE™ the most fitting addition to any top-of-the-line backdrop.

Where connectivity is concerned, gadget aficionados will find the right link via a VGA port, a touch port, USB ports, audio in/out, and Ethernet. On day one the TAG TECSLATE™ is ready by simply plugging in one cord to an outlet to impress the competition or just let your guests kick back and unwind with the latest 3-D entertainment.

The capstone for any first-class experience, the TAG TECSLATE™ delivers what the imagination can create with tomorrow’s cutting-edge technology capabilities today.

Go to TAG TECSLATE™ to learn more about the device.