7 things that Make the TAG GD3030 Tablet 

The TAG GD3030 tablet computer has come a long way. It is one of the best innovations of our time. With the right features and peripherals it becomes an invaluable tool for every mobile environment. A few of the interesting features:

Native RS232 Port – Are you ready for field work? So many systems today still use RS232 ports for thetransfer of data. With the RS232 Port on the tablet, your legacy applications or hardware are able to still be used. If you need to do some diagnostics, use a thermal printer, scanner or highly accurate GPS receiver – this is a must have.

Built In Ethernet Port – The built in Ethernet port accepts a cable that has an RJ-45 connector on the end. If you’re having trouble with wireless connectivity then connecting this to a wired network is simple and easy. It connects wired network hardware in a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) with fast connection.

NFC (near frequency communication) – Near Frequency communication is a set of standards for portable devices that allow peer-to-peer communications that pass data from one device to another by touching them or getting them very close. NFC can be used to receive credit card data for taking payments in the field.

Built in CAC (common access card) reader – A CAC card is a common access card. It is the standard identification for active duty United States defense personnel. The TAG GD3030 is the first tablet to have a built in CAC card reader on it. No wired devices or Velcro components. It’s simple and easy to setup – ready to use immediately.

TAG GD3030

 IP 65 Rated 5 Foot Drop – Built with military grade components, it was designed to withstand a five foot drop and withstand harsh environmental conditions. Rated with MIL-STD-810G, it has gone through a variety of tests to prove it will hold up in all tough environments.

2D bar code scanner – It has an integrated 2D barcode scanner and easily scans barcodes using only one hand – or you can Bluetooth® a ring scanner or wireless trigger. The 2D barcode scanner is programmable to meet your needs and streamlines the scanning process.

GPS receiver – It comes equipped standard with GPS technology. It has one of the fastest TTA (time to acquisition) embedded modules available today. It comes standard with NEMA default protocols which is a standard interface for most applications. Accuracy is very important for software applications and services today. The TAG GD3030 provides the latest and most accurate GPS available.

Built in 4G LTE, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, and optional Band 14 – Communication is the most important feature of any tablet. The TAG GD3030 has the most complete communication technologies that include, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, Bluetooth® 4.0, and optional Band 14 for your workforce. With all these wireless features you will have no problem connecting to networks and peripherals.

If you find the TAG GD3030 the right tablet for your work, please give me a call to discuss directly dov@tagglobalsystems.com or connect with me on LinkedIn. You can always find out more by clicking TAG GD3030