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Message from Dov – Q1, 2020 Issue

Message from Dov

Technology Trends –My understanding of the 2020 technology trends…Gartner Fellow and VP David Cearley, said, “..Putting people at the center of your technology strategy highlights one of the most important aspects of technology..” It is clear as he goes on to write in a recent report to break out the technology trends for 2020. Terms that will be heard this year like hyperautomation, multiexperience, democratization of expertise, human augmentation, the empowered edge, distributed cloud, autonomous things, practical blockchain, and AI security are all centered around actions of an organization and how they impact an individual or a group.

Technology is being segmented to highlight very specific processes that will allow everyone to pick the parts most useful to them. It’s not about a user interface or the fastest computing speeds any longer. The word “technology” has broken away from computers to involve every human interaction. As a quick example, let us look at wearable devices such as a smartwatch. Gathering data, learning your behaviors, and then someone making changes based on that data is human augmentation.

The 2020 year starts a new decade of expanding on technology advancements and virtual assistant AI devices like Alexa and Google Assist will be similar to a flip phone to us in 2029. This year, no doubt will set the stage and pace for what’s to come over the next decade.


Dov Koplovsky, Owner & CEO

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