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Message from Dov – Q4, 2020 Issue

Message from Dov

A default verses design company culture can happen organically, or purposefully by its leadership. People may talk about what a great work-life integration they have with flexible work hours, and how much they enjoy working together or how much they love their job, but somehow the consistent work productivity level does not seem to be working on a consistent basis.

“ The speed of the boss is the speed of the team” -Lee Iacocca


A company is about more than a handful of people being productive with everyone else cheering them on. To be a productive growing organization, you must hold everyone on the team accountable. Numbers create accountability. Without numbers or set matrix, it’s tough to know the achievable expectation. Simply saying “do better” is not a measurable result.  At times accountability can feel like an attack when you are not ready to acknowledge how your behavior harms or influences others. Taking accountability for your own numbers, silencing your ego, and doing the work will propel you to succeed. 

People who want to be held accountable produce the greatest results. It must be a conscious choice.

Dov Koplovsky, Owner & CEO

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