TAG BLUEFORCE is an investment in your personal safety and protection. Developed for the military, this system is no longer solely to protect our troops. It has been designed as a system to protect human kind.

Safety & Protection

By combining software and hardware we are able to track your health and location to keep you safe in crisis management situations. Situational command will determine if extraction is necessary.

TAG BLUEFORCE is a system that combines hardware with three software components: 1) BLUEBEACON, 2) B-TAC (blue tactical), 3) COMMAND (interactive software console).

Features and Information

The TAG BLUEFORCE Features will always include the latest available hardware to support the infrastructure and software.


  • Two World Phones
  • Two Wireless Earpieces
  • Rugged Branded Briefcase
  • Real time awareness of mobile resources
  • Two Person carried/attached environmental sensors
  • Single “dashboard view of Mark and Manger
  • Device sensor awareness
  • Emergency event reporting


BLUEBEACON – has real-time location services, panic signaling, security using military-grade encryption, physical disposition, privacy controls, “rip cord” signaling, and auto picture.

B-TAC (blue tactical) – has tactical presence, location tracking, information sharing, extensible, plug-in platform, security for session-based authentication and encryption, standards-based and enterprise readiness, and pervasive computing.

COMMAND (interactive software console) – has real-time view, constructive dashboard, security, alerts and notifications, historical perspective, standards-based scalable , and interoperable, information sharing, extensible plug-in platform, and pervasive computing.