The TAG TECSLATE™ brings technology and science together at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta – Customer Testimony

The TAG TECSLATE™ is used as a business tool and as an education tool for kids at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Karen Kelly, Director of Exhibits and Education explains, “The TECSLATE system does increase our productivity, we do a lot of brain storming here and meeting with individuals from the community who bring expertise in particular areas.”

Children’s Museum of Atlanta is the only educational venue of its kind in Atlanta, presenting educational programs and exhibits designed for young children ages 0-8. The Museum features bright, creative, hands-on exhibits designed to promote inventive problem solving, creative thinking and artistic expression. Core competencies for literacy, math and science are promoted throughout all exhibits and programming in alignment with the state and national Core Performance Standards. Children’s Museum of Atlanta presents temporary feature exhibits in addition to four permanent learning zones. Feature exhibits are chosen for their educational content and are uniquely presented with guidance from an Advisory Committee of community experts. Each exhibit offers an opportunity to focus programming on a different educational concept. Innovative programming allows them to further incorporate financial literacy, nutrition and fitness, world history, social science, environmental science, multicultural events, art and live theater.

Executive Director, Jane Turner states, “We are able to capture the conversations, the brainstorms, and when people leave we are able to immediately take action on these conversations that have occurred.”

Jane Turner, Executive Director

Karen Kelly, Director of Exhibits and Education

 Children’s Museum of Atlanta